quinta-feira, 30 de agosto de 2012

Live: Hurricane Isaac see past the U.S. coastline

CNN broadcasts via web satellite images with the movement of the storm.

Network TV is transmitting movement of the storm over New Orleans. (Image source: Play / CNN)

There are about three days, Hurricane Isaac has been terrorizing Central America and North America, and now network TV American CNN is broadcasting live on the web satellite images of the storm.

When passed through Haiti, even as hurricane, Isaac sparked at least six deaths, and leaving three missing in the Dominican Republic. Now coming to New Orleans, USA, with winds weakened, Isaac is no longer considered a hurricane, but a tropical storm.

The city of New Orleans already has numerous points of flooding and fears reregister damage similar to Hurricane Katrina, seven years ago at the site.

To watch the movement of Isaac, visit this link.
Source: CNN

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